Nokia: The Loud, The Small and The Bright

Somebody has to stop them.
Nokia has released three new phones.

What?“, you could say, “Is the Android-killer Iphone-slasher Windows-equipped device already out?

Nope. They all come with Symbian OS but, hey, it’s the new version – called Symbian Belle .

Nokia claims that the 701 has the brightest phone screen the world has ever seen. The 600 is their loudest smartphone to date. The tiny 700 is the smallest monoblock phone on the market. Sounds good, uh? Well, you can’t judge a book by its cover but…

Nokia Symbian Belle Phones

Really, Nokia: stop that. We don’t want these to be your final days. Gizmodo is begging you too:

Then Nokia up and comes out with three new Symbian phones today. QUIT IT. Seriously. Finland. Do you read me? Stop making Symbian handsets. Repeat: kssshhhh Stop making Symbian handsets. Save your money for the Mango models. Wow us in October with something unexpected: competition for the iPhone. I’ll switch in a hummingbird’s heartbeat. And I won’t be alone.


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