Web Analytics 2.0

Web Analytics 2.0 coverI follow Avinash Kaushik both on Twitter and on his blog (Occam’s Razor). I am more on the marketing side but web analytics is critical for me, so I decided to give Avinash’s last book – Web Analytics 2.0 – a try.


I have found myself reading the entire book in a few hours. Since I finished, I have gone back and highlighted, bookmarked and re-read the book a few times.

Avinash, with his engaging prose, teaches you to act on data instead of just presenting pretty reports: It’s the outcomes, baby!

Most SEM and Analytic books are for gurus or sucks because are too basic. In my opinion, Web Analytics 2.0 is perfect if you are at an intermediate/advanced level.
Moreover, the author donates all the proceeds of this book to two charities (The Smile Train and The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation), so buying this book is good for you and for many others.

In times of downrating, I give my personal quadruple-A to this book.

Read more reviews and buy Web Analytics 2.0 on amazon.com


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