My computer is better than yours

ZX Spectrum KeyboardI fell in love with tech and computers back in 1983, when monitors were not only not LCD, but not even monitors. For many years I had to use a black and white TV for my ZX Spectrum 48k. But at least it was mine, and I could play with it in my own room.

Yes, I admit it, I took part in the my-computer-was-better-than-yours wars that filled playgrounds of the 80s. My best friend was a Commodore 64 geek so I had the opportunity to see the best of both worlds, but I was firmly on the side of the Speccy.

And I still am.
Thanks to the emulators, sometimes I type LOAD “” and enjoy an ol’skool videogame.

Today it was time for Space Rider Jet Pack.

Long live the 80s! 😎